All natural ecosystems are regenerative; they maintain themselves and improve over time. Our edible landscapes are designed to mimic natural ecosystems in this fasion to a great degree. However, since the productive landscapes are for human use, there is designed into them  need for interaction with them, so they remain productive and their evolution is guided be our goals for them.

Once established, these edible lanscapes require seasonal  maintainance such as prunning and mulching (refered to as chop and drop), the addition of new plants to the understory, gathering plant material(seeds, cuttings, pups) for propagation, replanting of annual plants and other related interactions.

Since our landscape designs are mainly populated with perennial plants, the one task which is ongoin, is the year-round harvesting of food.  Indeed, this is one of the best ways to interact with our gardens.

At Foodscape Designs, we understand that some clients may not have time to maintain or maybe even harvest regularly, so we offer several maitenance plans to meet your needs.

One innovative approach is the Perennial Harvest Network, a program offered by Earth Learning for qualifying edible gardens and productive landscapes where they harvest and maintain your landscape regularly or seasonally in exchange for a portion of the produce you cannot consume.