local integrated food enterprise

The l.i.f.e model is a community food based economic development framework that may consist of various anchor enterprises

  • an urban farm that grows produce for the food marketplace, cafe, and other wholesale clients
  • a food marketplace will aggregate locally grown produce and organic bulk foods for food establishments and general public
  • a farm cafe that serves healthy farm to plate foods and beverages that need minimal cooking or preparation using the freshest ingredients sourced by the marketplace or grown by the farm
  • a specialty nursery wil produce edible and useful plants that are not currently available and grow gracefully in that climate
  • a compost hub will collect food waste and other organic materials to produce compost for the farm and nursery

the l.i.f.e model is innovative because it forms a resilient ecosystem that is more likely to thrive and grow in healthy ways over time. It’s the economic equivalent of regenerating a forest on highly disturbed land

​the l.i.f.e. campus is populated with experienced operators of community food (anchor) enterprises

​we believe in the power of food to bring about authentic transformation to communities whose economic revitalization and cultural resurgence is long overdue