In the creation of each edible landscape, we honor the unique ecology of the site considering it a complete ecosystem that needs to be “restored” from the ground up. In creating a garden landscape, we set the conditions for relationships to unfold.

We start with the soil ensuring that the plants have the nutrients and supportive soil ecology they need to flourish. Continuing with proper selection  of useful and edible plant species that will work well together to beautifully fill up a space, so that weeds will not. Proper placement of these ensures just the right ampunt of water and sunlight reaches each plant. And lastly, we shape it all into a human-scale, enjoyable space that feeds the body and the soul. and restores harmony to a little part of the world.

The ecological approach assures that your landscape will be receptive to natures beneficial energies (letting her do most of the work); creating a living garden with optimal productivity all but eliminating any inputs once established.

We offer a variety of ways to start your garden from seeds and seedlings to more mature plants, depeding on how much time, energy or money you wish to invest.