In our part of the world we are blessed with sun, warmth and an abundance of edible and useful fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts and more that grow gracefully year-round. And yet few landscapes in homes, communities, businesses or farms actually take advantage of this incredible diverstiy.

FoodScape Designs is an outgrowth of Earth Learning’s Permaculture Design initiaive that has been creating highly productive ecological landscapes for since 2010.

As local food activists, Permaculture designers, and concerned parents and citizens we strongly believe that in order create resilience in our communities and health in our personal lives, we must take every opportunity to grow food all around us!

So FoodScape Designs was launched to bring home this idea of growing food everywhere while simultaneously creating beautiful human-scale places that bring enjoyment and harmony to peoples lives by connecting them to nature’s endless cycles of abundance.


Thais Thiesen

Thais Thiesen is a professional designer and educator focused on grassroots initiatives to help innovators grow more sustainable, dynamic and diverse communities. She received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 1999 from Douglas Bullock. She studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida and holds a Masters in Agroecology from FIU researching sub-tropical perennial polyculture systems.

Her specialties include project management, teaching, program design, and landscape design.Her specialties include edible landscaping,  permaculture and program  design,  project management and teaching.

thais.h.thiesen @ gmail.com

Mario Yanez

Mario Yanez is passionate about the possibility of growing a Life-sustaining culture here in the Greater Everglades, his home bioregion.

He is an ecologist, organic farmer, teacher and activist, sharing his vision of the necessary transition toward growing ecologically-sustainable and resilient human communities everywhere.

In his practice as Permaculture Designer, he is applying Permaculture design principles at various scales, implementing regenerative productive landscapes, organizations, enterprises and social systems.

mario @ yanez . earth


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