self-sustaining, naturally abundant, edible ecosystems at the intersection of placemaking and food

About Us

At Foodscape Designs, our mantra is Grow Food Everywhere! and we are continually asking the question: “Why not food?”

Our innovative approach creates beautiful human-scale places that are multi-functional and productive while addressing social, economic and ecological goals. We operate at the intersect of placemaking and food.

Since our launch we have worked with both public and private clients to develop projects in civic spaces, such as schools and museums, and parks; public spaces such as streetscapes, plazas, and other right-of-ways; as well as, businesses and residential projects. The landscapes we design are beautiful, productive, educational and regenerative. They provide an array of ecosystem services, such as urban canopy, wildlife habitat, clean air, water retention and drainage, and carbon sequestration.


public spaces

We work with municipalities that wish to create productive landscapes as a civic amenity in public spaces such as parks, right-of-ways and bike paths.

civic spaces

From churches, retirement homes, to schools and other civic spaces we incorporate agrarian or edible landscapes fully activating the space and engaging their users.

residences & businesses

We work with home owners, developers and businesses to maximize production and beautification in homes, community developments and businesses.

farms & homesteads

Site design, farm enterprise development and planning for urban and rural sites.

consulting & training

We provide a wide array of services including community design charretes,training and master and business planning.

Media & News